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Controller Instruction Manual

First, plug your controller completely into the jack on your mat and then into a power outlet.

  • Press and hold the Power button to turn the controller ON or OFF. TEMP and TIMER indicators will light up on the screen.
  • Press the TEMP button once to initiate temperature adjustment mode (the temperature indicator will start flashing). Set the desired temperature and press TEMP again to save the setting.
  • Press the TIME button to initiate time adjustment mode (the time indicator will start flashing). Set the desired time and press the TIME button again to save the setting.
  • Press and Hold the TIME button for six seconds to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.


Please allow up to 40 minutes for the surface to reach the maximum temperature.
Once the flashing temperature has stopped, the indicator displays the actual temperature measured at the mat’s core. Press “+” or “-” to reach desired numbers faster.
Reminder: The stones take up to 25 minutes to heat up fully. Covering your mat with a blanket or laying on it will help speed this process up.

At AmericanChoice, our goal is to give you real relief from your discomfort with our therapeutic mats at an affordable price.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many low-cost brands using cheap materials in their heated mats without taking the time to ensure their users’ health and safety. That’s when we knew we had to do something.

At AmericanChoice, we put our customers’ safety above everything else, which is why all of our mats are designed to block dangerous EMF waves. We use completely natural materials to give you a quick and powerful relief from your muscle pain, joint stiffness, injuries, and more. With our products, not only will you alleviate your discomfort, but you’ll feel the rejuvenating and energizing effects that only true natural therapy can deliver.

So make a choice to live a better life with an effective, safe, and affordable solution of AmericanChoice.

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