SOFT Mat Full 7224 InfraMat Pro® BEST DEAL

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Product is FDA registered in the USA

Made by USA company HealthyLine®

What’s included: Mat + controller + carrying case + instruction manual

  • Approx. Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg)
  • Approx. Size: 72″ x 24″ x 1.2″ (180 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm)
  • Negative ion level: Up to 1500/cc
  • Dial controller: Set temperature up to 70° Celsius (160° Fahrenheit), 3-6-12-hour auto shutoff timer
  • EMF Protection: Advanced filtration system and extra EMF-blocking layers
  • Materials: High-quality, nontoxic
  • Voltage: USA power 110-120V, 200-300W



This product is eligible for a HealthyLine


What’s included:
Used good condition (grade B; 60%) – mat, controller, carrying case, instruction manual; warranty – 30 days


The Features

  • 12 lbs of natural amethyst gemstones
  • 2 lbs tourmaline ceramic gemstones
  • 2 lbs natural jade gemstones
  • Tension and Muscle Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy
  • Deep Penetrating Far Infrared Rays Therapy, at a range of least 5-14 um
  • Number of layers: up to 21 functional layers

Refresh, recharge, and revitalize your body with the SOFT Mat 7224! This is the best heating pad if you are sensitive to harder surfaces but still want relieve from your discomfort.

The mat uses only crushed amethyst, jade, and tourmaline gemstones that are gentle enough to let your body sink in and relax to treat your pain. The warmth from the heat therapy is great for reducing body stress and releasing tightness in your muscles. The gemstones, when heated, also convert the heat into far infrared rays and negative ions that target pain at a deeper level.

When released, these natural therapies even increase circulation throughout your body, leading to improvements in your energy and mood. This mat is truly designed with total comfort in mind, which is why you can control the temperature to the exact degree and set the timer – all from a simple and easy controller! It’s also flexible and compact to store when you are not busy improving your health and wellness. So, don’t pass up on comfort to get effective relief anymore – choose the only body heating pad that gives you both solutions in one mat!

How to use the controller


Therapy description


  • Temporarily relieves joint pain

  • Helps with minor strains and sprains

  • Promotes Muscle Relaxation

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  • Revitalizes cellular metabolism

  • Support the body’s natural ability to relax and sleep

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  • Temporarily relieves joint pain associated with arthritis and muscle spasms

  • Helps with minor strains and sprains

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 25 in


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Used Good Condition – 60% with Green Controller


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  1. Marta

    My husband and I can’t get enough of this mat! The gemstones are all crushed so it has a really really comfortable surface and the heat feels amazing. It’s also flexible so we put it on our couch and bed. It’s so amazing we haven’t stopped telling our friends about it!

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