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HealthyLineOutlet.com is the only distributor of used and open box items from the official HealthyLine brand.

We are not affiliated with HealthyLine, we simply buy their used and returned products.

In the beginning, we tried to find the best possible option for distributing used natural gemstone heat therapy products. We checked several popular brands such as Richway Biomat and Migun, but each time we were disappointed for a variety of reasons. Some mats like Biomat were grossly overpriced while others just had poor craftsmanship and quality. HealthyLine was the one company that produced both a high-quality product and offered it at affordable prices. We were impressed that they offered over 100 different models all with unique features. HealthyLine mats also combined the popular benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields and photon lights, something no one else did. In our experience, HealthyLine is the most trustworthy brand with many patents and certificates to prove it.

Since we are not affiliated with HealthyLine, our products do not come with their factory warranties. However, we still offer our own generous 30-day warranty in which we will replace the product for free should it malfunction.

Even if you purchase a product from us, you still qualify for HealthyLine’s official LIFETIME TRADE-IN and UPGRADE POLICIES. You will be able to make use of these policies with them directly.

According to HealthyLine website:

“Trade-In”: You will receive a value of 50% of the original cost of your product to put towards a new purchase of the same or greater value. With Trade-In, the condition of your mat doesn’t matter at all. It could be damaged or non-working. You still have 50% value in that product without time limitation.”

“Upgrade”: If you have a working mat that is in good condition, you can submit it for an upgrade to receive the full original value towards the purchase of another mat(s) priced at 2x or more the price of the one you are trading in.”

A “Used” unit is the result of a HealthyLine customer returning their purchase within the first 45-days. These mats are often lightly used so the condition may vary from “used” to “like-new.”

An “Open Box” product means that it was used for a number of marketing reasons including trade show demos, store displays, photo shoots, and commercials.

HealthyLine does not sell any used or open products. We have worked out an option where we can purchase these types of items to sell to our customers at a lower price.

All products that we sell are carefully examined for damage and are guaranteed to function properly. They are all cleaned and sanitized before being sent out to their new owners. Any pictures you see on our website are the actual product you will be receiving.

We are conveniently based in New York.

We use a combination of FedEx, UPS, or USPS services with tracking numbers. All orders usually ship out within 1-2 business days of being placed. Signature confirmation is available upon request. Please expect a delivery period of 1-7 business days depending on your location.


If you have any questions about buying from us, our shipping process, or our company, please contact us: 

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We are the only distributor of used and open box items from the official HealthyLine brand.