About the Product

What does "Open box" product mean?

An “Open Box” product means that it was used for a number of marketing reasons including trade show demos, store displays, photo shoots, and commercials.

What does "Used" product mean?

A “Used” unit is the result of a HealthyLine customer returning their purchase within the first 90-days. These mats are often lightly used so the condition may vary from “used” to “like-new”.

Do you offer any discounts for health and wellness practitioners?

No. We still offer the best deals on HealthyLine products, but unfortunately aren’t able to offer any additional discounts.

Contacting Us

What is the best time to reach you?

Calling and email responding hours are between 12 pm – 5 pm EST(Monday – Friday).

HealthyLine Outlet’s calling hours are between 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST as our limited team must have ample time to package and ship orders. If you are unable to reach us, please leave your name, number, and reason for calling and we will contact you at our earliest convenience!

Return Policy

Can I return the mat purchased on your website to the Healthyline?

We are NOT related to The HealthyLine brand, DO NOT try to return your item to HealthyLine.

Can I return my mat back?

You may return used items in their original condition to us at HealthyLineOutlet.com within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the product cost.

Please note, HLO does not provide shipping boxes, return labels, or any kind of shipping accessories. The customer has to fully prepare the package for shipment. We will deduct the original shipping cost from your refund. This is true even if you receive free shipping.


If I return my mat who will pay for the shipping?

You will be responsible for the original cost of shipping and the return shipping cost. HLO doesn’t provide return labels or any shipping accessories. We will deduct the original shipping cost from your refunded amount, even if you received free shipping.

If I return my mat will I receive the full amount back?

We keep the actual picture of the product you bought in its condition at the time of your purchase. If you send us back this product in the significantly worse condition (deformed, stained, dirty, smelly) we will charge you a restocking fee of 20%.

I want to return the product. What should I do?

All returns require authorization (return notice). To obtain one, simply contact us at orders@healthylineoutlet.com before returning the product. Products returned without authorization might be lost and not eligible for a refund. Please, email us your return tracking number.

How long does it take to receive a refund?

You should expect to receive your refund within 1-5 business days after return delivered to our facility.

Shipping and Returns

Can you ship to a PO box?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to a PO box. Please note that any order placed with a shipping address to a PO box will be automatically canceled and refunded.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

All orders ship out usually within 24 business hours.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We use FedEx, UPS or USPS

How long does it take to receive my order?

All orders ship from our NY warehouse and usually It takes 1-7 business days for delivery within the USA. Note: During all holiday seasons please expect delivery delays

Does the shipping cost include a signature confirmation or insurance?

It is up to a customer to request signature confirmation or insurance. Additional charge apply.

Is shipping cost refundable?

Shipping cost is non-refundable.

Can billing and shipping address be different?

We might refuse to ship to a location different to the billing address, or we might request proof of identity by email.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship orders worldwide! Please note that shipping costs will be higher for any orders being shipped outside of the continental United States.

Warranty and Protection

What kind of protection does my mat have?

All our products come without a Factory warranty, but we give our own 30 days warranty – if anything happens with the product we will replace it for free.
Any purchase of an “Open Box” product includes either a 1-Year Limited Warranty or 5-Year Limited Warranty depending on the product and any purchase of a “used” product includes a 30-day warranty and return period.

What warranty is included for “open box” products?

The majority of “open box” products come with a 5-year warranty. Please refer to this page for more information.

What warranty is included for “used” products?

“Used” products in any condition come with a 30-day warranty. Please refer to this page for more information.

Do I qualify for HealthyLine’s official LIFETIME TRADE-IN and UPGRADE POLICIES?

Even if you purchase a product from us, you still qualify for HealthyLine’s official LIFETIME TRADE-IN and UPGRADE POLICIES. You will be able to make use of these policies with them directly. Please note, that for Trade-In policy HealthyLine Brand evaluates your mat as a 50% of the Original full price of a new item. For the Upgrade policy – you will get credit for the full amount you paid for the used mat.


According to Healthyline website:

“Trade-In: You will receive a value of 50% of the original cost of your product to put towards a new purchase of the same or greater value. With Trade-In, the condition of your mat doesn’t matter at all. It could be damaged or non-working. You still have 50% value in that product without time limitation.”


According to Healthyline website:

“Upgrade: If you have a working mat that is in good condition, you can submit it for an upgrade to receive the full original value towards the purchase of another mat(s) priced at 2x or more the price of the one you are trading in.”

Understanding Your Mat

Why would I want to use one of your mats?

Our mats are designed to improve your wellness with natural therapies that temporarily enhance local blood circulation where applied. Causing these two processes to happen within your body can help to reduce pain, maximize relaxation of muscles, ease inflammation and stiffness, improve moods, and much more. You will also experience accelerated detoxification that helps with the overall way you feel. Better wellness is a big step towards a better life. To learn more in-depth information about what our products can do for you, refer to our information resources.

Why would I want a mat with PEMF?

PEMF in combination with gemstone heat therapy offers the most effective wellness experience we offer. In 2011, Dr. Oz featured one of these devices as a breakthrough in medical technology. It has been at the forefront of many clinical studies. PEMF is one of the most potent natural therapies available because it improves the wellness of your cells.

Why would I want a mat with photon lights?

Photon light therapy is most beneficial when it comes to improving your mood and helping to stimulate cell growth. This is great for helping to restore your energy levels and your complexion. Daily use can help alleviate skin conditions and neuropathy pain.

Is PEMF dangerous?

You cannot use PEMF if you have a pacemaker. Other than that, it is completely safe. PEMF is an all-natural form of therapy. It replicates magnetic frequencies exactly the same as the ones the Earth emits. It has no side effects and you can use it for as long as you want. You should avoid PEMF therapy if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. If you have any doubts about whether PEMF is safe for you, consult your healthcare professional before using it.

Are your mats EMF-FREE?

Yes, all of our mats must pass multiple quality assurance tests for EMF filtration. Various layers within each mat work to block and eliminate EMF radiation.

Where do the far infrared rays come from?

The process of heating the gemstones in your mat generates the FIR. We use jade, amethyst, and tourmaline specifically because they naturally release FIR.

Where do the negative ions come from?

The negative ion exposure also comes from the gemstones. Heating them releases both FIR and negative ions.

What is the intensity of the PEMF?

The intensity of the PEMF is 3000milgauss for Platinum series and 2000milgauss for any other series.

Choosing Your Mat

You offer such a wide variety of products. How do I pick the one that is right for me?

On a basic level, every mat will help you improve your wellness through pain and stress management. If this is all you are looking for, you can’t go wrong with any of them. For instance, you will learn that PEMF has the potential to improve the functionality of your cells. Familiarizing yourself with these individual aspects will make choosing easier. We recommend everyone try a mat with PEMF for the most effective experience. As always, if you have any questions about this process, consultations are free.

How do I choose the correct-sized mat?

Typically, our small mats are intended for specific areas of pain or portable reasons. The best way to gauge what size mat to get for full body wellness management is your height. It breaks down like this:

5’5” and under – 60” x 24” sized mats

6’0” and under – 72” x 24” sized mats

6’1” and over – 76” x 32” or 80” x 40” sized mats

Can pets use your mats?

Yes. In fact, pets tend to love lying on the warm surface of the mat. If you are planning on having your pets use the mat, we highly suggest using a cover to protect it from any accidents. Always keep an eye out and make sure your pet doesn’t chew or scratch the cable, controller or mat itself. We suggest keeping it warm, rather than hot, when your pet is using a mat. Fun fact: we are currently working on designing a unique series of pads for pets with a more appropriate heat range and special protection.

How do I know which gemstones to pick?

When it comes to gemstones, choosing a mat with mixed stones is the best way to go unless you already have a personal preference. Newer models use crushed amethyst, jade, tourmaline, and obsidian gemstones that better conform to your body. Some older models have larger stones because some people enjoy feeling them as they heat up on their body. Amethyst creates a soothing effect that is beneficial for relaxation and detoxification. Tourmaline works well for revitalization. Jade and obsidian are excellent stones to use in conjunction with other stones.

Using Your Mat

Are your mats safe for me to use?

Yes, our mats are safe. Each mat is comprised of natural elements that have shown no adverse effects after hundreds of clinical studies. However, before purchasing one, you should be aware that there are certain conditions and situations in which using them may become potentially hazardous. A mat with PEMF can cause problems for individuals with a pacemaker. If you have a pacemaker, you can still use the mat with the PEMF function turned off and at low heat, but we strongly suggest consulting your doctor first. Another critical caution is for women who are pregnant. We do not recommend using the Inframat Pro if you are or are trying to become pregnant.

Where can I use my mat?

Where you can use your mat depends on the kind of mat you purchase. Our more flexible mats have a wide range of applications from flat surfaces to chairs, against the wall, and more. However, if you have a mat with PEMF, it will be much firmer. As a result, these mats are limited strictly to the floor, bed, massage tables, and couches.

Can your head be on the heated part of the mat?

Your head should not be exposed to heat, and so each mat has space without any heat or PEMF where the head should be.

Can I sleep on my mat all night?

Yes, there are no limits to the duration of use. If you are planning on sleeping on it, we suggest you use a slightly warm comfortable temperature (max of 40°C/104°F) and not to use a temperature that is too hot. The general rule is higher temperatures for shorter periods of time and lower temperatures for extended use. Make sure to drink plenty of water to avoid symptoms of dehydration.

Can I lie directly on the mat?

Of course, you can. A lot of people enjoy feeling the hot stones against their back. However, we recommend operating the mat at a medium to a low setting to avoid sweat damage and stains.

What kind of control do I have over the heat settings?

You can set your exact desired temperature to the degree up to 70° C (160° F). Additionally, the mat will regulate the heat so that if it gets too hot, it will turn off and if the temperature drops it will heat up again.

What kind of time setting does it have?

Most mats can be set to a heat cycle of 3, 6, or 12 hours. This varies depending on the controller that you have. The PEMF alternates 20 minutes on, 100 minutes off for 4 cycles. 20 minutes is all that is needed to receive the full daily benefits of PEMF. However, you can easily turn it right back on if you wish to continue PEMF treatment.

I have surgical implants, can I use this mat?

It is always best to consult your doctor about this. It should be okay to use it on a low temperature, but please be sure before you try. It will be a different answer for each person.

Is there an ideal temperature to use the mat?

We recommend that you begin at 37 °C, the average temperature of the human body. Gradually adjust from there until you find a heat setting you are comfortable with. You can cover your mat with a blanket or towel to trap heat inside, making it hotter. The same blanket or towel can also guard your skin if the stones feel too hot for you. As a general rule of thumb:

35-40° C (95-104° F) for overnight use

45-55° C (113-131° F) for 2 hours or more

55-65° C (131-149° F) for 30-90 minute sessions

65-70° C (149-158° F) for 30-60 minute sessions

When I choose my temperature, why does it always switch to something lower?

When you do this, you are choosing your desired temperature. From there, the mat will return to displaying the current temperature of the mat and gradually increase until it reaches your selection.

I just received my mat, and I am unsure how to set it up. Can you give me some guidance?

To use your mat, start by laying it down on a flat surface. Plug the controller into the mat and then plug the other end into a power outlet. Press the power button and set the heat to your desired temperature. It usually takes around 30 minutes to reach the desired temperature. We also recommend covering the whole mat with a cover or blanket to allow for an even distribution of heat. If your mat has PEMF or photon light therapy, you can also turn that on. Finally, lie down and relax!

How do I clean my comforter or keep it clean?

To care for your comforter, we always recommend using any kind of duvet cover for the best possible protection of the comforter. If you are to clean the comforter itself, please only hand wash at 30ºF and leave it to dry flat. Do not dry clean or machine wash or dry.

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