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About us is the only distributor of used and open box items from the official HealthyLine brand. Since we are not affiliated with HealthyLine, our products do not come with their factory warranties. However, we still offer our own generous 30-day warranty in which we will replace the product for free should it malfunction.


High Quality Mats & Great Customer Service
The first time I bought a heat mat I knew I wanted one with real gemstones but didn’t have a lot to spend. After doing some research I settled on the Healthyline medium mesh mat. It had a good balance of features and price. It felt great to lie on with its penetrating heat. After using it a few weeks I also found myself feeling better from the detoxing effect it had. Recently I was able to purchase a larger mat. At first I chose a TAJ Full Short mat since I wanted to try PEMF. For me, it turned out to be too hard for my back. The mat was high quality, but I couldn’t lay on it for long. Customer service was great, they helped me exchange it for a Soft series Full Short. This turned out to be just what I needed. With the amethyst chips, its even better than the biomat. It is comfortable to lay on and covers from my neck to my ankles. I love the mat and wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again when I need another one.


Norma Brodmerkle

Finally found relief from arthritis pain.
I have severe arthritis in my facet joints between lumbar vertebra 4-5. I’m also very active. When it flares up I can barely move. The infrared mats have saved my life. They relieve the pain and relax me so much I sometimes nap on them and wake up totally refreshed. I have one with the PEMF option and it is also fantastic. I purchased a mat for my recliner, one for my yoga mat and one for my bed. There is nothing like infrared heat combined with a HealthyLine designed mat, much better than a bemer or imrs2000. Whether you want pain relief or relaxation, do yourself a favor and try one.


Sharon Rose Gabet

Life Changing!
Healthyline mats have been life changing for me and my family. I suffer from endometriosis and chronic migraines and these mats are something I will never again go without. Of all the treatments I have tried these have made the biggest difference. I use them mostly for pain management, my husband uses them for his bad hip and my son with ADHD and Tourette’s uses them because he finds them calming and they help him sleep. Amazing products and amazing value.



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We are the only distributor of used and open box items from the official HealthyLine brand.