Warranty Policy

HealthyLine Outlet | Warranty Policy

HealthyLine Outlet is an independent reseller of used and open box products from HealthyLine. HealthyLine Outlet is committed to providing quality and effective products that improve the health and wellness of those who use them. Since we are not affiliated with HealthyLine, our
products do not come with their factory warranties. Instead, we include our own warranties with every purchase. Below you can find information related to each warranty policy offered by HealthyLine Outlet.

HealthyLine Lifetime Trade-In and Upgrade Policies

Even if you purchase a product from us, you still qualify for HealthyLine’s official Lifetime Trade-In and Upgrade Policies. To take advantage of either of these policies, customers must reach out to HealthyLine directly.


If you have any questions about buying from us, our shipping process, or our company, please contact us: