Warranty for Open Box Products

Warranty for Open Box Products

An “Open Box” product means that it was used by HealthyLine for a number of marketing reasons such as trade show demonstrations, store displays, photo shoots, and commercials. “Open Box” products have not been purchased and returned by a HealthyLine customer. 

Any purchase of an “Open Box” product includes either a 1-Year Limited Warranty or 5-Year Limited Warranty depending on the product. The table below outlines the corresponding warranty for each “Open Box” product:


Product Series

5-Year Warranty

1-Year Warranty

AJT Series


AJT Blanket Medium 4024, AJT Mat 7224, AJT Mat Extra Large 8040, Reverse AJT Mat Full 7224 

Amethyst Series

Amethyst Belt Soft – Photon PEMF, Amethyst Vest Extra Large – Photon PEMF, Amethyst Bolster – Heated

Amethyst Belt Red – Photon, Amethyst One-Shoulder Pad Soft, Amethyst Vest Extra Large – Photon, 

Rainbow Chakra Series

Rainbow Chakra Mat Large 7428 – 3rd Edition, Rainbow Chakra Mat Medium 5024 – 3rd Edition, Rainbow Chakra Mat Small 4020 – 3rd Edition

Rainbow Mat Small 4020 1st Edition, Rainbow Mat Medium 5024 1st Edition, Rainbow Mat Large 7428 1st Edition, Chakra Mat Large 7632 2nd Edition, Chakra Mat Medium 5228 2nd Edition, Chaka Mat Small 4224 2nd Edition

Pebble Series

Pebble JT Bolster – Heated

Pebble JT Pad Medium 3220, Pebble J Pad Medium 3220, Pebble J Knee, Pebble J Belt, Pebble J Vest, Pebble T Vest, Pebble T Belt, Pebble T Legs, Pebble T Pad Medium 3220, Pebble T Knee, Pebble T Pad Small 2020

Mesh Series

Mesh JT Mat Full 7224, Mesh JT Mat Medium 3220

Mesh JT Mat Full 7224 – Light, Mesh JT Mat Medium 3220 – Light, Mesh JT Pad Small 1818, Mesh JT Mat Extra Large 8040, Mesh JT Mat Queen 8060, Mesh JT Mat King 8076

Pet Series


Pet Mat T Medium 3220, Pet Mat T Large 5024

Platinum Series

Platinum Mat Medium 3220, Platinum Chair Mat 4018, Platinum Mat Full Short 6024, Platinum Mat Full 7224, Platinum Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428


Portable Series


Portable Neck Model, Portable Flat Model, Portable Belt Model, Portable Foot Model, Portable Hand Model, Portable Shoulder Model, Portable Knee Model

Soft Series

SOFT-Mat Medium 4024 White, SOFT-Mat Full Short 6024 White, SOFT-Mat Full 7224 White, SOFT-Mat Full Pro 7428 White

SOFT-Mat Medium 4024 Brown, SOFT-Mat Full Short 6024 Brown, SOFT-Mat Full 7224 Brown, SOFT-Mat Full Pro 7428 Brown, SOFT-MAT Large 7232 Brown, SOFT-Mat Extra Large 8054 Brown

TAJ Series

TAJ Mat Small 2020, TAJ Mat Medium 3220 New Edition, TAJ Mat Chair 4018 New Edition, TAJ Mat Full Short 6024, TAJ Mat Full 7224, TAJ Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428, TAJ Mat Large 8030, TAJ Mat Extra Large 8038

TAJ Mat Medium 3220 Previous Edition, TAJ Mat Chair 4018 Previous Edition, TAJ Mat Extra Large 8040

TAO Series

TAO Mat Small 1818, TAO Mat Small 1818 Photon Matrix PEMF, TAO Mat Medium 3220, TAO Mat Chair 4018, TAO Mat Full Short 6024, TAO Mat Full 7224, TAO Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428, TAO Pillow Heated, TAO Pillow Heated – Photon Matrix PEMF

TAO Hand, TAO Pillow Soft, TAO Car 4018

Wrap Sets

TAO 30 Wrap Set Full 7224 (white), TAO 360 Wrap Set Full Pro Plus 7428 (white), TAJ 360 Wrap Set Full 7224 (white), TAJ 360 Wrap Set Full Pro Plus 7428, Rainbow Chakra 360 Wrap Set Large 7428, Platinum 360 Wrap Set Full 7224, Platinum 360 Wrap Set Full Pro Plus 7428

TAO & Soft 7224 Wrap Set (Brown), TAJ & Soft 7224 Wrap Set (Brown), TAO & Soft 7428 Wrap Set (Brown)

Regardless of the warranty period, the limited warranty protects against manufacturer defects experienced under normal usage conditions in accordance with instruction. Intentional damage, negligent use against instruction or common sense, or alteration (ie. self-made repairs, incisions, etc.) will void the limited warranty for any “Open Box” product. 

Every purchase of an “Open Box” product also includes a 30-Day Return Policy in which customers can return a product for any reason. Customers are responsible for any shipping costs associated with returns made within the 30-Day Return Policy as well as the original shipping cost.

Please note the following terms and conditions for “Open Box” warranty claims and returns:

  • Customers are required to contact HealthyLine Outlet to initiate a warranty claim or 30-day return. Customers must also receive a return authorization before shipping a product.
  • HealthyLine Outlet requires customers to provide an order confirmation number or any valid proof of purchase before proceeding with a warranty claim or return.
  • The limited warranty does not protect against controller defects past the 30-day return period. 
  • Customers are responsible for shipping costs associated with any return. This includes any return of products claimed to be defective. 
  • For replacements, the customer is required to ship the product to our warehouse. Our technicians will then test the product to determine the cause of the defect. 
    • Within the 30-day return period: If a defect is determined to be the result of manufacturing error, HealthyLine Outlet will ship the replacement.
    • Past the 30-day return period: If a defect is determined to be the result of manufacturing error the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost for the replacement.
    • If it is determined that the defect is the result of incorrect use or negligence, or if there is no defect at all, the customer has the option to have the product shipped back (at their own expense) or to have the product disposed of. 




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