Warranty for Used Products

Warranty for Used Products

A “Used” product is any product that has been used and returned by a HealthyLine customer within their 90-Day Trial Period. These mats are often lightly used so the condition may vary from “used” to “like-new.” All “used” products sold are carefully examined for damage and are guaranteed to function properly. They are all cleaned, sanitized, and tested before being shipped to their new owners. 

Any purchase of an “used” product includes a 30-day warranty and return period. The 30-day warranty protects against manufacturer defects experienced under normal usage conditions in accordance with instruction. Intentional damage, negligent use against instruction or common sense, or alteration (ie. self-made repairs, incisions, etc.) will void the limited warranty for any “Open Box” product.  

Should your product malfunction, you can receive a replacement of the same mat in the same condition. Please note the following terms and conditions for “used” warranty claims and returns:

  • Customers are required to contact HealthyLine Outlet to initiate a warranty claim or 30-day return. Customers must also receive a return authorization before shipping a product.
  • HealthyLine Outlet requires customers to provide an order confirmation number or any valid proof of purchase before proceeding with a warranty claim or return.
  • Customers are responsible for shipping costs associated with any return. This includes any return of products claimed to be defective. 


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