Don’t Purchase a BEMER Mat Before Reading This

Purchasing a PEMF device can be confusing–we make it easier. Take a look at our comparison of the HealthyLine Inframat Pro vs the BEMER mat. We’re certain you won’t regret it!

When looking at HealthyLine vs. BEMER, HealthyLine is by far the better option while the BEMER mat costs more and offers less.

PEMF devices can be confusing for those who first learn about it, and if you’re looking for a PEMF device, you’ve probably heard of these two popular brands: HealthyLine and BEMER. Both offer the powerful benefits of PEMF therapy, or pulsed electromagnetic fields, but knowing which to go with can be a confusing process.

That’s why we wanted to make your decision easier, and to help you go with the better brand! We’ve taken an in-depth and thorough look into every aspect of each of these products. This includes the therapies they offer, the attributes of each therapy, and what makes each brand different. We’ve also looked into the companies themselves, examining their price ranges, location, customer service, and more.

We determined with certainty that the HealthyLine Inframat Pro beats the BEMER mat in every single category. And because BEMER distributors use multi-level marketing, the HealthyLine Inframat Pro is offered at a lower price than the BEMER. Take a look below to compare each aspect of both of these products.

  • HealthyLine
    InfraMat Pro®
  • Bemer
InfraMat Pro®
American Company
Located in Central Europe
Stone Types
How many different types of stones are offered?
(Top class stones: amethyst, tourmaline, jade, obsidian, quartz, sodalite, blue lace agate, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, carnelian, red jasper)
Mat Types
How many different types of Far-Infrared mats?
Over 1002
Photon Therapy
Is Photon Therapy offered?
Infrared Heat Function
Gemstone Therapy
PEMF Therapy
Is Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy offered?
PEMF included in most models. HealthyLine holds a USA patent for PEMF heating mats
Is the company located in the USA?
(Warehouse in New York,
Store location: 515 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018 )
Customer Service Support
Is customer support provided directly by the company?
Contact form on wesite where your questions will be forwarded directly to a BEMER Distributor in your area or your present BEMER Contact.
Product delivery time
How fast will the product be delivered?
1-7 business days
(Depends on the delivery address)
Delivery could take up to 1 month
Replacement Controller
How much would cost a new controller?
Free with warranty
(after $25-$100)
Distribution Worldwide shipping through the HealthyLine website. Nationwide shipping through NYC store, Amazon, Ebay, FSA Store, Goop, Neiman Marcus, Sharper Image, RehabMart, Verishop, ShopHQ, Universal Companies, Beauty Bridge, Modell's Sporting Goods, RueLaLa, ToMo and more. Website, Worldwide Destributors
Upgrate/ Trade in program Yes, free for lifetimeNo
Warranty Up to 5 years even on open box. Instant replacement 3 years
Trial period 90 daysYes
(Trial will cost you $800)
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If you’re looking for a BEMER for sale, we recommend going with HealthyLine instead.

Here at HealthyLine Outlet, we want to provide nothing but the best for our customers. That’s the main reason why we choose to exclusively sell used and open box HealthyLine products over other brands such as BEMER.

BEMER is a quality brand, but we can say with certainty that they do not come close to HealthyLine. For starters, BEMER only offers PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. And even when specifically comparing BEMER and HealthyLine’s PEMF therapy, HealthyLine is the undoubted winner. BEMER’s PEMF is much more constricted than HealthyLine’s PEMF technology; it has a much weaker intensity (maximum of 1 gauss with their applicator device) and users can only choose either a 10 or 33 Hz frequency setting. On the other hand, HealthyLine, specifically their Platinum Mats, have an intensity of up to 3 gauss. This intensity can be controlled from 10% to 100%; an option not included with BEMER. HealthyLine also allows for the control of anywhere from 1 to 30 Hz, allowing users to customize their PEMF just how they’d like it.

Aside from these two brand’s PEMF technology, HealthyLine offers up to 4 other natural therapies on top of PEMF while BEMER offers none. That’s right–BEMER strictly offers PEMF! With HealthyLine, you can experience gemstone therapy, far infrared therapy, negative ion therapy, and red light therapy. Each of these therapies are beneficial in their own right, but when combined, it truly takes wellness to a whole new level!

So if you are looking for a BEMER for sale, make the better choice and get a HealthyLine mat instead! Oh, and did we mention HealthyLine is offered at a lower price? Not only that, but at HealthyLine Outlet, you can get the best deals for used and open box HealthyLine products!

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The Results Speak for Themselves!
We are in our 70’s and initially purchased one of the 5 therapy mats. We initially looked at a Bemer (MLM) but the cost was outrageous and it only has one therapy. We liked the Healthy Line mat so much that there are now 4 mats in our family. I did some heavy lifting yesterday and injured my back so bad that I couldn’t bend over. Last night I slept on the mat and the injury was remarkably better this morning. Then, later today I got on it again and the pain is almost gone. I now have no trouble bending over, just a little soreness. My wife has had the same experience with minor aches and pains. Our son is paralyzed in the legs and began sleeping on the half mat underneath his legs and the swelling in his legs and feet has been reduced. The fourth mat I gave to my older brother, who for some reason has not used it. I honestly am not sure which of the therapies does what—maybe it is all of them contributing. But the one I can actually feel is the heat which is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I’m confident it is having a positive effect. It is so penetrating, unlike a heating pad which only heats the skin. I sleep on it nightly. My wife gets on hers when she has trouble sleeping and it does the trick and believes it is because of the heat. With the number of mats we have purchased you have to expect some issues, and we had one with a controller. The problem was promptly resolved. The customer service has been excellent. Great product!!! Great customer support!!!


Larry S