Many people have included losing weight and extra fat into their health goals. Some people will only require to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise to achieve this goal yet for others the journey is not that simple. This may be because of other contributing factors like deeper health issues that prevent the body’s metabolic rate from working well.

Fortunately, far infrared therapy has shown promise in treating health conditions including obesity. It is different from bariatric surgery, gastrointestinal devices, laparoscopic adjustable gastric bands, intragastric balloon therapy, and any other therapies used to treat obesity and related conditions.

With this technology, infrared light can safely penetrate the body and deliver therapeutic effects on the cellular level. Far infrared rays help with obesity by stimulating the body’s basic metabolic and eliminative functions thus correcting conditions that can lead to weight gain. The goals of far infrared therapy are to:

  • Enhance adherence to a regimen of healthy exercise and diet
  • Optimize the body’s response to these stimuli

How far infrared therapy works

1. Metabolic acceleration

Our bodies absorb light energy at specific wavelengths. As a result, the body cells respond by performing daily functions at an improved level. Due to this improved performance, the body has an improved ability to process fat.

Light at certain wavelengths has been shown to stimulate mitochondrial and cellular energy production which is a process of cellular respiration. Hence far infrared therapy affects adipocytes, the fat-storing cells. This is unlike traditional methods of treating conditions like obesity by taking anorectic drugs.

Far infrared light therapy boosts the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems to increase blood flow to every body part and to burn a higher number of calories. It also affects hunger by controlling hunger-related hormones thus preventing the buildup of extra fat.

Furthermore, this therapy reduces the circumference of the specific areas treated and a significant loss in overall body size.

2. Detoxification

Far infrared rays delivered to the cells of the body stimulate the cells to eliminate wastes and toxins more effectively. By clearing these toxins, the body experiences fewer cravings for sugar and fats. With healthy and functioning cells, your body is able to process more complex and high-quality nutrients rather than substituting them with simple sugars hence cutting down on the cravings.

3. Physical recovery

Far infrared therapy helps in the maintenance of physical activity by reducing the recovery time and healing minor exertion-related injuries. The penetrative heat is able to soothe the body and stimulate cellular regeneration thus allowing your body to feel refreshed, relaxed, and energized.

Natural Remedies Traditional remedies
Has no side effects Some tablets and drugs used can have side effects
Works for all Some people have allergic reactions to medication
Works on a cellular level Only affects somebody functions not necessarily on the cellular level
Can be used on treating specific areas Cannot be used for specific areas
It is not a substitute for exercise since it enhances the results of physical exercise by improving recovery Medications used to treat conditions are sometimes used without physical exercise which is unhealthy

In order to treat obesity and all weight-related conditions, utilize far infrared therapy for the best results.

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