Hot stone therapy instead of traditional pain relief? This is a question that is asked a lot in different forums where people talk about alternatives. Every time when something new and innovative is tried, something that challenges the current paradigm of thinking… we ask: is this worth it? Does this really work?
Because let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than feeling pain in your back. That impairs yourself and puts you in a state of discomfort. If you’ve been suffering from back pain and haven’t found a solution, join the thousands of people around the world that have tried alternative methods to ease their pain and improve their back health.

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What therapies can help with back pain?

Here at our clinic, we have specialized in treating back pain and related diseases of the body. To do that, we have focused on using special treatments that have proven over time to be effective in helping hundreds of patients.

If you are suffering back pain we have a vast array of treatments that we can use to help you improve and recover your health. Part of the therapies that we offer are:


  • Hot Stone Therapy

In this therapy, a massage is applied to the affected area with the objective of cause relaxation in the back. This will cause a relaxation effect over the damaged tissues and will improve pain. During the session, the therapist will put smooth stones over certain parts of the body. This stones will have a slightly high temperature, this is why it’s called hot stone therapy.

This type of therapy has many benefits, the main one being pain and muscle tension relief. But it also useful to reduce stress and anxiety while helping you sleep better. There are also other proven benefits as this therapy helps reduce the symptoms of chronic diseases like fibromyalgia and arthritis.


  • Heat therapy

Heat therapy is also known as thermotherapy and it consists of the use of heat to treat pain. When you apply heat to an area, blood flow increases along with proteins and oxygen. The benefits of this type of therapy are prevalent and are often used to reduce problems in a patient’s joints and articulations.

Among the benefits of thermotherapy, we can mention the reduction and elimination of body stiffness while giving a comfortable sensation to the person. Heat is used frequently to treat injuries and it’s quite known that many professional athletes use this kind of therapy while recovering from injuries.


  • Photon light therapy

In recent years the application of photon light therapy has gained prominence for the treatment of pain and soreness. And due to the recent appearance of this therapy, further research is being done to investigate what other benefits can be attributed to this therapy.

This kind of therapy works like this: the skin is exposed to this light. It is absorbed and then forms nitric oxide which triggers the formation of ATP which is a keystone in the process of cellular regeneration and detoxification.

Among the benefits that can be provided by this therapy we can mention, alleviation of depression symptoms, it can help in nerve regeneration and improve motor functions. It can also help in injury recovery.


  • Far infrared therapy

As it is the case with photon light therapy, far infrared therapy has important benefits that can help in the treatment of chronic back pain, but not only that, recent studies have demonstrated that this kind of therapy can help in the treatment of ischemic diseases including ischemia and the benefits extend to the cardiovascular system. This therapy has been proved effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

While referring to back pain, the use of this kind of therapy has potential anti-inflammatory effects as it induces the synthesis of an enzyme called heme oxygenase-1 which provides protection against cellular oxidative stress.


Alleviating back pain.

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, and have found that nothing has helped you in the right way, you are more than welcome to try any of these alternatives, or a combination of them so you can find true relief and improvements in your quality of life.

If you want to know more about this therapy and how they can help your specific case, you are welcome to contact us HERE.

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