Don’t purchase a Mighty Bliss heating pad without reading this.

There are seemingly endless options when it comes to heating pads, and you might have heard of HealthyLine and Mighty Bliss. That’s why we wanted to compare these two popular brands to make sure you get exactly what you need!

HealthyLine Inframat Pro® vs Mighty Bliss.
Find out all the ways HealthyLine and the Inframat Pro® beat out the Mighty Bliss in every category!

If you’re searching for a heating pad it’s likely that you experience some sort of pain, are looking to improve your wellness, or simply relax after a long day. It seems like there are endless amounts of options to choose from and all claim to be the best. How frustrating!

We started HealthyLine Outlet to provide the highest quality wellness devices at an affordable price.  We too realized that there are so many options on the market and wanted to make the decision easier. That’s why we decided to strictly offer used and open box HealthyLine products because there is no better heating mat for pain, relaxation, detoxification, and so much more!

In this review, we’ll discuss both brands and explain why the HealthyLine InfraMat Pro® reigns supreme above Mighty Bliss. We’ll look at the features of each heating pad, the benefits users can experience, what customers say, and much more. 

When you finish reading this, you’ll know for sure that there truly is no better option than HealthyLine. So, let’s get into it!

  • HealthyLine
    InfraMat Pro®
  • Mighty bliss
InfraMat Pro®
Mighty bliss
$36 - $108
Natural Gemstones11
Mat TypesOver 1002
EMF Shielding
Heat Therapy
Heat DistributionEvenUneven
Far Infrared Rays
Negative Ions
Hot Stone Therapy
Heat Penetration LevelDeep TissueSkin Surface
Controller With Time Settings
Set Your Exact Temperature
Overnight Exposure
Number Of Functional LayersUp To 213
Mylar Blanket For Sauna Effect
Improve Your Overall Wellness
Made Of High Quality Materials
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There’s no doubt about it – HealthyLine beats out Mighty Bliss in every possible category!

After a thorough review and comparison of both the HealthyLine InfraMat® and Mighty Bliss, we can say with certainty that HealthyLine is the better choice!

To start, Mighty Bliss only offers one model of heating pads, so you only have one choice when it comes to size and features. HealthyLine on the other hand offers over 100 different models, from small pads to extra large bed-sized mats, ensuring that you can find something that meets every one of your wants and needs. 

Looking at the heating features of both these pads, HealthyLine utilizes far infrared heat while Mighty Bliss only offers regular heat. Far infrared heat travels much deeper into muscles to provide effective relief and relaxation while regular heating pads simply warm the skin and offer no wellness benefits. HealthyLine also lets users adjust the temperature to the exact degree up to 158ºF, while Mighty Bliss heated devices only have low, medium, and high temperature settings. 

Because the US doesn’t regulate EMF emission in electronic devices, Mighty Bliss doesn’t provide any protective measures when it comes to their wiring. HealthyLine values the safety of customers by only using double-isolated wiring and incorporating a copper mesh layer to ensure no EMFs are emitted from their devices.

As if that wasn’t enough, HealthyLine devices incorporate multiple natural therapeutic features on top of far infrared heat, including gemstone therapy, negative ion therapy, photon light therapy, and pulsed electromagnetic fields. Each of these features provide benefits in their own right, but when used in conjunction, it creates a comprehensive wellness experience offered by no one else.

When comparing two brands, it’s always important to hear what customers have to say! Mighty Bliss heating pad reviews often claim that the temperature is not accurate and often get too hot. HealthyLine reviews rave about the abundance of features and ease of use. They even have a flagship showroom in NYC and a US-based support team. 

Not only is HealthyLine the better device, but at HealthyLine Outlet, we offer the best priced options for each and every HealthyLine model. So if you are on the hunt for a heating pad or wellness device, be sure to get yours today!

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Life Changing!
Healthyline mats have been life changing for me and my family. I suffer from endometriosis and chronic migraines and these mats are something I will never again go without. Of all the treatments I have tried these have made the biggest difference. I use them mostly for pain management, my husband uses them for his bad hip and my son with ADHD and Tourette’s uses them because he finds them calming and they help him sleep. Amazing products and amazing value.